How To: Reverse F110 Automatic Payment Run

How to reverse F110 Automatic Payment Run?


During daily business run sometimes there may be inccorect use of automatic payment program (F110 Payment). And after a successful payment run, payment document is created and open items are cleared. So if you want to reverese a payment run, first you need to reset clearing from tcode FBRA and then you can reverse the payment documents from tcode FB08 or F.80 mass document reversal.

Note: There is no mass reset clearing function.


SAP released a program for reversing automatic payment runs (SAP Note: 2125220) . RFF110S_REVERSE which allows you to reverse the payment documents of a payment run (F110) and delete the payment data.

You use program RFF110S_REVERSE only in exceptional situations, when you have to reverse all of the payment documents of a payment run (F110). Program does not replace payment proposal processing.

Program will prevent reverse if any payment medium is created. In that case FIRST you need to contact with bank if they received the file or not. If it’s not processed yet you can cancel the payment medium from FDTA & RFPAYM_RESET (For cross payment RFPAYM_MERGE_RESET)
In an update run, the program first checks whether all documents can be reversed, and makes the reverse postings if the check is successful. The program then deletes the payment data of the payment run.
The program logs the processing results for each payment document in the payment run. You can view the log using transaction SLG1:
  • Object: FBPM
  • Transaction Code: F110-FBRA-FB08
  • Program: RFF110S_REVERSE
 F_005 Authorization is required for running program RFF110S_REVERSE. And there is no tcode for this program. It needs to be run via SA38 – SE38 

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