Message no. SG813

Sap Help

Message no. SG813

Short Text

No physical path is configured for logical file name /SAPDMC/LSMW_FILE


No physical path has been configured for the logical file name, or the logicalpath is empty.

System Response

File cannot be validated.


In transaction FILE insert a logical path in the configuration of the logical file name. If there already is a logical path, check whether the physical path has
been defined for the logical path.

You can fix this error by checking FILECMCUST table via SM30 transaction code, you can set REJECT_EMPTY_PATH parameter to OFF status or you can just delete the line from table.

Hatayı SM30 işlem kodundan FILECMCUST tablosuna gidip, REJECT_EMPTY_PATH parametresini OFF durumuna getirerek veya satırı silerek geçebilirsiniz.